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The World Class Landscape Photographers website is designed fundamentally to be a reference visual encyclopedia of all very best hand-picked photos created by top landscape photographers all around the world . Some important notes:

1. This website is a close website. It means there is no chance to sign up or other ways of uploading/sharing your own photos here. THIS IS A FACEBOOK BOUND WEBSITE . If you want to be part of this website, you have to share your photos exclusively in facebook page . Your submitted photos on that page will be curated by eight admin members and if accepted, will be featured at front page. Those photos that have been featured there, are rated according to like count and admin votes thereafter, and their very best ones enter this website for lifetime exhibition ( to be part of reference encyclopedia of bests photo ever ).

2. These services are ( and will be ) free.

3. For any legal issues, all featured photos here will be informed to authors by messages or other methods, and the photo will be deleted immediately if the author ask for it.

4. All photos and images in this site are exclusively copyrighted to ( and are property of ) respective authors.

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